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Once upon a time, South African/Londoner and now Danish imposter, Andrea Jade Colomb had a dream, and that dream was to open an 80s Bar in Cuba with a neon pink sign of a Flamingo and drink Caprianas all day. Sadly for her that dream didn’t come true, but lucky for us at AJCollective the next dream did…

AJCollective is the new brandchild of Andrea, which ‘like Prince’ was formally known as AJColomb. A creative hub of highly talented individuals that provide visual and written treatments for commercials, music videos and film pitches.

Originally founded in 2007, the company started out as a one man band, with Andrea (of RSA training) crafting treatments from a small studio in Hackney.

After 7 years in the business and realising the demand, Andrea went on the look out for likeminded souls and found Kat (Treatment Writer), Tegan (Creative Researcher), Jody (Creative Reseacher) and Michael (Creative Researcher) who, together began to build the foundations of what is now AJCollective.

Over the past three years the company has rocketed in terms of development, and can now boast not only an arsenal of imagery, but also the experience of working and learning from some of the most influential Directors in the industry, Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie, Jonathan Glazer, Johan Renck, Johnny Green, Martin Werner, Hamish Rothwell, Andreas Nilsson, Pete Riski…. Dougal Wilson to name only a few.

This experience, along with our long established relationships and constant support from the best Production Houses and Advertising Agencies around, has been the catalyst for our expansion.

From the humble beginnings of small studio in E8, to a team which now includes a fresh new breed of Creative Researchers, Treatment Writers, Illustrators and Music Technicians based all over Europe. We would like to introduce you to AJCollective, a lively bunch of film nerds with a encyclopaedic knowledge of advertising and photography that put together, with librarians brains and artists hands what’s in the Director’s head and then some...

Creative Research. Directors Interpretation. Commercial / Film / Music Video Treatments. Creative Writing. Music Research. Mood Films.